The IMMF is the umbrella Executive Organisation utilising a collaborative network of MMF National Organisations from over 50 countries comprising of more than 2000 artists and their managers. The IMMF connects music managers around the world to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.  IMMF creates international links between artist SME’s based on shared agendas, not shared locations.



In January 2018 IMMF began an online networking pilot project to address problems with international networking for artist SME’s. The main problem is that all “small” artists/managers want to connect to “big” artists/managers; this creates overloads on the most successful (and time poor artists/managers), and leaves both ends of the connection dissatisfied. There are lots of differences in the metrics of success and experience that apply in each national and genre markets. It’s a small world, but not there is no one-size-fits-all business model. Having a manager in Riga who wants to connect to a manager in Los Angeles is straightforward, curating a relevant match is harder, and identifying better conduits on a per-artist basis requires a comparative approach to match SME’s based on relevance and opportunity. IMMF’s pilot project in hand-curating matches, to attempt to find scalable matching procedures is ongoing, surprising, and illuminating.



Music conferences are a very good way keep in touch and offline network. In past years the IMMF has been involved in Conference programming, keynote events, breakout sessions specific to artists and their managers. Across 2016-2018 IMMF delivered and participated in networking activity at music industry, brand/advertising, and media-technology conferences in 33 European countries.  As usual across 2016-2018 IMMF held meetings, and workshops in  LATAM, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, adding for the first time India, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia. IMMF and its network host regular networking events at Music Biz the key annual US Industry conference, and SXSW the key annual US showcasing event. IMMF uses offline networking between touring artists, and at national, and regional events to connect people and ideas.


IMMF has also ‘Showcased’ new artists at events at Midem (France), Popkomm (Germany), Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), c/o Pop (Germany), Musikmesse (Germany), In The City (UK), The Great Escape (UK), Go North (UK), Music and Media (Finland), Eurosonic (Netherlands), Festival In (Portugal), Monkey Week (Spain), BIME (Spain), Westway Festival (Portugal), Vienna Waves (Austria), Exit Festival (Serbia), Medimex (Italy), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), Sonic Visions (Luxembourg), Big Sound (Australia), Musexpo (USA), SXSW (USA), Canadian Music Week (Canada), the World Creators Summit and WOMEX; many others.



IMMF holds its formal annual general meetings at the Reeperbahn Conference, Hamburg, Germany. At the last assembly a new board was elected to foster communication and improve cooperation amongst the MMF Members. The IMMF AGM brings together artists and managers from 20-25 countries, and more join the AGM online. Reeperbahn and the Eurosonic Conference (NL) are the two pan-European events which on an annual basis draw together artists (especially emergent talent), and music business stakeholders from across Europe and the rest of the world. During Reeperbahn IMMF, and it’s German member organisation also host informal networking receptions, and open-to-all, speed-meeting sessions. Additionally What’s App, Facebook, and Email groups connect not only our members, but also other artists and managers attending the conference, to networking opportunities (impromptu drinks, showcase recommendations, etc). IMMF holds an open (bring-a-friend) networking dinner, and adds key service providers (labels, booking agents etc), and policy makers (European Commission, and national industry groups) to the guest list.