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Nov 15


Friday, November 13, 2015 will always be remembered as a dark day for mankind in general and for our professional family, that of the music industry, in particular. For the first time, it’s our family, that embodies professionalism and passion for music, cultural diversity and the celebration of a life of happiness and pleasures like to attend a concert, sit outside on a terrasse  or go to a stadium, which has been hit by a deadly terrorist attack. A life of generosity and sharing. We can only respond to this despicable barbarity in celebrating, strongly than ever, life and love with respect for our values of freedom, equality and fraternity when terrorists celebrate death, hatred and destruction. Our thoughts are now with all the victims and their families. And especially to those who worked for the Bataclan, Mercury and Universal, Alias Productions, Nous Productions, Astérios Spectacles, the Inrockuptibles magazine and France 24. They are our colleagues, our friends, our brothers, our sisters, our children. They are us and we will never forget them. Some want to destroy us. They make us only stronger, more united and more determined than ever.

AMA France – Alliance des Managers d’Artistes 

Attacks on people watching and enjoying entertainment, or just sitting together with friends, shows contempt for humanity. Those evil men who organized it and those who were used to implement wickedness do not value life. We join our friends and colleagues to stand united against evil, we mourn with the friends and families of the victims.


We send our deepest condolences to all the friends and families of those killed or hurt in the cowardly attacks in Paris. Enjoying music, sports or having drinks with friends should not be turned into a senseless massacre. We can’t let such terrorist attacks change our lives and the values of freedom and tolerance that we all live by.
Nothing will ever stop that freedom that Rock ’n’ Roll spirit!

MMF Luxembourg

The attacks in Paris on Friday were a tragedy for many obvious reasons. In the music industry, we lost friends in the Bataclan that night who were working on something they loved and were committed to, in one of the greatest music venues in the world. But terrorism will never defeat the people. We hope that the Bataclan will reopen as soon as possible as a tribute to those who lost their lives.


We stand in solidarity with all victims and their families of the attack on Le Bataclan in Paris, as well as with all colleagues that have suffered due to this regrettable action. Our organization repels all acts of violence and discrimination wherever they may take place, and calls for respect towards diversity and unity of all people through music.

MMF Latin America

We would like to offer our greatest sympathy for the pain inflicted during this past weekend at Bataclan in France. Having these attacks take place at Artistic venues that are meant to bring people together is even more heart breaking. Thoughts and prayers are with all affected families.

MMF South Africa

We grieve at France’s, Paris’ loss; those who fell, relatives, friends. We share our love, support, hearts and hopes. We share your liberty, fraternity, your culture, love for all the best life has to offer, your enjoyment. We share your voice, be it for free speech or song. We will never surrender these rights; these freedoms. We are as one.

MMF Australia

Terror came very nearby last Friday night. In a horrible way. It planted fear in our hearts but we embrace our friends from Bataclan, all people in Paris and France and will keep on working for a better world. Music is Life!

MMF Belgium

No words to explain how we are living this horror. Very sad for victims and their families: a lot of people, innocent civilians, died for no reason. It was an attack not just French people. It is an attack to freedom, to equality, to fraternity. But they can´t create confusion. Your values are ours. Never surrender. Shots will never silence music.

MMF Spain

No words can express our feelings. Our thoughts are with the bereaved families. Cultural diversity is our life and we never will stop to strive for liberty and fraternity.

IMUC Germany – Interessenverband Musikmanager & Consultants

We in the United States mourn your loss and all the good people of Paris and the entire country of France are in our thoughts and prayers. All music made around the world will never be silenced by senseless acts of terrorism. May the Bataclan return and forever be a symbol of what brings people together in peace and harmony.


Music shall always promote free expression and speech, shall be a universal language. It can be tolerated, adored, disliked and vividly discussed, but in no way music shall be suppressed through violence and terror, as happened in Paris and has been tragically happening in too many corners of the world.

MMF Italy

Dutch artists and artist managers nationwide kept a minute of silence during their concerts to pay tribute to those who died and got injured in the Paris terrorist attacks. A moment of silence, while we send our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims.

MMF Netherlands

Our thoughts are with France right now. Although we are on the other side of the world, we too are venue operators, musicians, sound and lighting engineers, band managers and agents, merch and door staff, and live music fans, and this could have been our local venues, our businesses, and our friends”.

AAM Australia – Association of Artist Managers


We are an international Community – What unites us must be stronger than what divides us.


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