About Us

The International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) is an umbrella organisation for a collaborative network of regional and national membership associations (often called MMF) of self-managed artists and managers. With member associations in over 50 countries, networking over 3,000 individual artists and their managers, IMMF connects artists and managers globally to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.


What is IMMF’s Mission?


  • Support PLURALITY & DIVERSITY in the cultural and entertainment industries
  • Deliver EDUCATION & TRAINING for lifelong learning, and the nurturing of future generations, in order to improve and consolidate the professionalism and expertise of artist businesses (SMEs).
  • Nurture opportunities to raise artists ACCESS TO FINANCE

In order to work towards this mission


IMMF is an observer at

  • WIPO (World Intellectual Proprty Organisazation)
  • EU IPO Observatory (European Union Intellectual Property Office Observatory).

IMMF partners on the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards project and is on the advisory board for the EU Music Observatory (a pilot project by DG EAC).

IMMF works together with Women in Music and IAEL (International Association of Entertainment Lawyers) and is also a member of IAAC (International Arts Association Congress).

IMMF’s Activties



The IMMF connects artists and their managers around the world to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources. Members have the opportunity to attend on/offline meetings, informal networking and speed-meeting sessions.




educationTraining and Education

Knowledge is key in the contemporary music business. In such a competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly complex industry, gaining information and contacts in a learning environment can be the catalyst for success. IMMF’s Learning Programmes provide a relaxed environment that is as much about networking and business opportunities as it is about learning.





The International Music Manager’s Forum (IMMF) represents self-managed artists and their managers.

Featured artists and managers are uniquely placed to comment on music industry issues, as they are the only group of professionals that deal with every aspect of the music industry and the copyright system as it applies to music on a daily basis.