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The IMMF is the umbrella Executive Organisation utilising a collaborative network of MMF National Organisations from over 22 countries comprising of over 1,000 individual entertainment manager members. The IMMF connects music managers around the world to share experiences, opportunities, information and resources.




educationTraining and Education

Knowledge is key in the contemporary music business. In such a competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly complex industry, gaining information and contacts in a learning environment can be the catalyst for success. The Learning Programmes and Master Classes provide a relaxed environment that is as much about networking and business opportunities as it is about learning.





The International Music Manager’s Forum (IMMF) represents featured artist music managers and through them the featured artists (performers and authors) themselves.

Featured artist music managers are uniquely placed to comment on music industry issues, as they are the only group of professionals that deal with every aspect of the music industry and the copyright system as it applies to music on a daily basis.