Who can join?

  • Organisations whose members are artist managers and/or self-managed artists
  • Individuals (including self-managed artists)

Why join?

By participating in IMMF’s national, regional and international networks artists and their representatives can:


  • Access industry event discounts and preferential services
  • Enjoy a free MusicAlly Subscription
  • Participate in (no extra charge) and deliver education and training events
  • Share experiences and information
  • Receive market insights
  • Contribute to and share in market research data
  • Attend on/offline meetings,¬†informal networking and speed-meeting sessions
  • Participate in formal networking initiatives
  • Join WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, and Email groups which connect not only our members, but also other artists and managers attending industry conferences and events
  • Connect their initiatives to key service providers and policy makers
  • Connect to other industry stakeholders and organisations
  • Have a platform for advocacy.¬†


To find out more about membership rates and how to join please contact us at info(at)

Click on the map for more info about the IMMF member organisations.