Only organizations which represent groups of individual or corporate entities acting as music managers may directly join as full members of the IMMF. Individuals or companies who are music managers outside of the areas covered by existing member organizations may join the MMF nearest them either in geographic, social, cultural, or linguistic terms as International Members. The IMMF and its member organizations work closely with regard the international members who are currently outside of the area generally covered by the current full members of the IMMF. This is done in order to understand the needs of these members so that the IMMF is as broadly representative of the worldwide community of music managers as possible. Once there are several individual international members in a given area or country, they are assisted by the IMMF in starting a regional or national organization to represent their interests which in turn can then join the IMMF as a full member.


Other organizations not primarily concerned with the profession of music management may join the IMMF, but if they do not meet the requirements for full membership (for more details see the IMMF Statutes on page 5 –and/or page 7), they would not be entitled to a seat on the Council or to a vote in the General Assembly, though they may otherwise participate in the work of the organization wherever and whatever their area of relevant expertise.


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