Who can join?

  • Organisations whose members are artist managers and/or self-managed artists
  • Individuals (including self-managed artists)

Why join?

By participating in IMMF’s national, regional and international networks artists and their representatives can:


  • Access industry event discounts and preferential services
  • Enjoy a free MusicAlly Subscription
  • Participate in (no extra charge) and deliver education and training events
  • Share experiences and information
  • Receive market insights
  • Contribute to and share in market research data
  • Attend on/offline meetings, informal networking and speed-meeting sessions
  • Participate in formal networking initiatives
  • Join WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, and Email groups which connect not only our members, but also other artists and managers attending industry conferences and events
  • Connect their initiatives to key service providers and policy makers
  • Connect to other industry stakeholders and organisations
  • Have a platform for advocacy. 


To find out more about membership rates and how to join please contact us at info(at)

Click on the map for more info about the IMMF member organisations.