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Apr 21



Dear Manager, or Self-Managed Artist,

Supported by Creative Europe (a program of the European Commission) and The International Music Managers Forum ( ) is hosting an Artist’s Business Campus course, which trains self managed artists and artist managers.

We have a very limited number of places available for the course. Selection of participants will be based on applications.

Participation Criteria:

Membership of an MMF or any IMMF member association is NOT a requirement for participation. 

  • Participants will be based in, and working with artists in the European Union or these countries: Armenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine.
  • Participants will have participated as an artist or manager in the release of at least one track on Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Spotify.
  • Participants will have performed live, or managed an artist who performs live (including DJ’s performing self-made music)
  • Participants will be artists or will be managing artists who are currently active, but who have not been active for more than 3 years (performing under their current artist’ name).
  • Participants will be available to participate online in the 12 course modules and for a follow up feedback session. The modules are a mix of pre-scheduled sessions (always held on a Wednesday) and on-demand online sessions (available for one week). Each of the 12 modules will have a duration of between 50 and 90 minutes


The modules costs are funded by IMMF and Creative Europe. Participants will not be charged for the modules. 

Participation Application Deadline: Friday April 16th, 5:00 p.m CET

Application Process: email your application to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Format your application email as follows:   
Email send to: email hidden; JavaScript is required  
Email Title: Your surname; Your country of residence  
Email Message:  
Your surname, Your first name
Your country of residence  
Your Artist biography [a maximum of 300 words]
Your Business/Professional biography [ a maximum of 300 words ]
Your Artist’s website or main social media page/channel
Your company website or main social media page/channel
A web link to a streaming track [not a download link] of a track by your artist: (i.e. SoundCloud, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Spotify] 
The date (month and year) on which your artist first released a track under their current artist name

Course Modules:

  • Management: an overview: What are the core skills for representing an Artist’s business, and what should an artist expect from their team?
  • Access to Finance: How will you raise money, incentivise third-parties to support the business, and allocate money across multiple activities to support sustainable creativity?
  • Branding & Recording: What is the artist’s brand, and what value does that brand have for other brands? What role does recorded music play in developing an audience and other areas of the business?
  • Participants blog: An opportunity to self-analyse your own agendas, and activities, where can you improve, what are you doing right?
  • IP & Data: The artist creates a portfolio of intellectual property, how can their assets be  managed, and what are the basics of asset management?
  • Live Music: How can artists develop their audiences and what are the key processes in working with partners to service audiences with live music?
  • Streaming: Streaming offers an easy way to measure success, but what role does it have beyond raw track streaming counts in creating value for the artist across their activities?
  • Video and Images: In the attention deficit economy visual engagement is one of the key channels for artists to brand themselves and engage with audiences, how are you valuing the opportunity?
  • Social Media: Customer Relationship Management is the backbone of all commerce, but is it uncool, shouldn’t artist’s challenge society and not think about who is listening? 
  • Data: Music Artists and their audiences activities generate huge amounts of usage data, how should you handle the opportunity without becoming a slave to the numbers? 
  • Publishing: The musical notes and lyrics that emotionally engage  audiences are the foundations of all music business activity, what role should it play in an artist’s business agenda? 
  • SME Management:  Running an artist’s Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME) is quite different from running any other business, or is it?

The course modules interlock with two IMMF sessions on Disruption, Innovation, and Personal Development.

An additional panel discussion in cooperation with Ment Conference, Ljubljana and Sonic Visions, Luxembourg will be announced soon.

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