Training & Education

Knowledge is key in the contemporary music business. In such a competitive, rapidly changing and increasingly complex industry, gaining information and contacts in a learning environment can be the catalyst for success. The Learning Programmes and Master Classes provide a relaxed environment that is as much about networking and business opportunities as it is about learning.


MMF Training was established in 1995 to make this knowledge and experience available to all. Our learning programmes have been developed and refined over time to ensure that all attendees become better equipped to take advantage of the new business opportunities. To date our learning programmes have been successfully delivered in many countries across four continents. As the International Music Managers Forum develops its membership and network across the world, our learning programmes have become an integral part of the process of developing and agreeing professional standards in our global industry.


The best way to learn about the music industry is by combining theory and practice. Proof of our success in this field lies in the fact that we continue to attract the highest quality guest speakers from every area of the music industry and music related businesses. They provide opportunities to learn from the practical experience and invaluable insight of individuals who have made a successful living and built sustainable careers within the industry.


Recent and Upcoming Events:

20-22 March 2018  –Mastering the Music Business + IMMF

Bucharest, Romania


26-28 March 2018  – SoundCzech Skills Workshop + IMMF

Prague, Czech Republic


2-8 April 2018  – Tallinn Music Week + IMMF

Tallinn, Estonia

11-14 April 2018 – Westway Lab Festival +IMMF

Guimaraes, Portugal


20-22 April 2018 – Spring Break + IMMF

Poznan, Poland


7-13 May 2018 – Canadian Music Week +IMMF

Toronto, Canada


14-17 May 2018  – Music Biz (Nashville) + IMMF

Nashville, USA


24-26 May 2018 – FIMPRO +IMMF!/index/es

Guadalajara, Mexico


17-24 June 2018 – Cannes Lion + IMMF

Cannes, France


19-22 September 2018 – Reeperbahn + IMMF

Hamburg, Germany


Aims and Objectives of the Programmes


The aims and objectives of our programmes are straightforward:

  1. To develop recognized music industry skills and professional standards through progressive professional development
  2. To enable all involved to avoid predictable problems and pitfalls by learning from others’ success (and failures!)
  3. To enable participants to gain insight and understanding to facilitate practical decision-making in order to save both time and money
  4. To help those involved to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  5. To improve communications between business partners, departments, individuals, audiences and communities
  6. To build capacity, enabling those attending to be better prepared for trading at international level(s) to help “break” (or take to the next level) the careers of their creators from and in targeted international territories
  7. To develop valuable contacts and relationships in a “Network Learning” environment
  8. To further develop the existing and increasing success of local repertoire & performers in the global marketplace and enable the circulation & commercial exploitation of national and regional repertoire throughout the world
  9. Provide a platform to address (and progress) contemporary issues in our industry through discussion, debate and open dialogue with industry peers
  10. Facilitate legally binding agreements that are fair and reasonable to all parties




Due to our unique and genuinely global access to an unrivalled network of industry professionals working in all musical genres across all territories or markets, our programmes are flexible and modules may be combined or tailored for delivery at any knowledge level to meet a specific brief or market requirements. They are as applicable to the most experienced music business professionals and employees as they are to new entrants to our industry. Experienced coaches help the participants to identify and exploit their immediate, short, medium and long-term career and business development opportunities.


The programmes and master classes are specifically designed to accommodate the business activities and lifestyles of busy entrepreneurs and professionals. They complement all existing academic education and vocational training provision. Reference materials are supplied to all attending.


Keep updated on current industry practice, dynamics and agendas! Delegates attend our programmes year after year to remain up-to-date and develop new contacts and relationships. This is also due to the fact that each programme is adjusted every year to reflect changes in the technological landscape and the economic, political or legal climate in key markets and territories.


Of Course, the Learning Programmes and Master Classes cover E-Commerce, S-Commerce and M-Commerce to facilitate licensing of local music content and services in niche or mainstream markets and to enable the participants to increase their digital on-line, social and mobile sales.

All Sectors

The Artist Manager remains the only role in the music business that demands knowledge & understanding of, but also practical engagement with, each and every area of today’s media and creative industries. As a consequence, individuals working or interested in all sectors of our industries will benefit from the Programmes’ varied and comprehensive content.


MMF Training learning programmes incorporate modules that cover each key subject relevant to every major sector of the music business: the music publishing industry, the recorded music industry, the live music industry plus artist & music brand partnerships and licensing. They provide a wide-ranging analysis of all the issues, challenges and practical opportunities facing those involved or interested in music artist and rights management services today – from an updated overview of the whole range of artist and music revenue streams and business models; through detailed analysis of contractual agreements, professional functions, roles and duties; to practical guidance on all activities and relationships.


Modular Programme (Example)


MMF Training Modular Programme (Example)


Module 1: Understanding today’s Music Business Artist & music management in context; industry overview & update: new & existing revenue streams (from ostensibly “simple” live performance through to music use via today’s Cloud Models) plus roles & activities of all parties involved (from creation to consumption & vice versa); intellectual property rights plus “roles & rewards” (ownership & income participation) issues


Module 2: “Owner-Management” / Self-Employment The real “360°”: making a living and developing a small business in the music industry; aims & objectives; risk & viability; marketing; project management; legal issues; funding & financial control


Module 3: Artist, Producer & Music Management Short & long-term strategic planning; from development to management: duties & responsibilities, skills & competencies; leadership & teamwork; key terms & conditions in 3rd party agreements; negotiating management agreements & services


Module 4: Artist & Music Administration Key terms in third party and internal agreements; collaborations, contractual & trading relationships; communications & decision-making; songwriter, composer & performer rights registrations & notifications; insurance issues; royalty statements & money management


Module 5: Audience & Fan Base Development Your digital presence: social media migration & websites; tools & services; PR & media relations; live, recorded content & merchandising strategies; fan requirements & behavior; principles of community engagement; challenge & engagement; client / fan relationship management; direct to fan campaigns; expectations, results & priorities.


Module 6: Independent Recordings Production companies, producers & remixing; 3rd party artist/label services; project management; planning & budgeting; marketing & promotion; licensing & distribution; public performance & related rights; accounting & payment


Module 7: Live Performance & Touring Live circuits, venues & spaces; artist-led events & concert promotion; booking gigs & touring; planning & budgeting; tour management & logistics; building the live team; working with international agents; deals & options available


Module 8: Music Publishing Overview & revenue streams; working with Collecting Societies; mechanical & performance royalties; sync & graphic rights licensing; negotiating writer/composer publishing agreements


Module 9: Music in Audio-Visual Media: video, games, corporate productions & advertising, film & television; music supervision & decision-making; synchronization licensing; media composer representation; production music & library publishing; commissions; negotiating agreements; primary, secondary & tertiary exploitation


Module 10: Export Ready? International opportunities; overview of key foreign territories & markets; incentives & relationships; regulations, documentation and tax issues; planning & preparation; showcase events & support services

If you would like more information on our range of modular programmes or discuss bespoke delivery or content to meet your specific requirements please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required