IMMF partners with Beloud and Ascora to develop an innovative technological tool for Artists and Managers


Dec 16


The IMMF is pleased to announce a partnership with Beloud Technology, S.L and Ascora GmbH in an innovative project sponsored by the European Commission.


Our challenge over the eighteen-month project is to empower independent artist managers and performing artists with user-friendly and easy-to-use Information and communications technology (ICT) tools. These tools are expected to help them to develop and monetize audiences, directly or through a smart usage of social media potential, and then to maintain a close relationship based on a music environment of real music fans.


Our project aims to put these tools at the disposal of the IMMF members. The project, called Music Magazine and Artist App Project (MMAA) proposes a cost-effective software solution for exploring new business models, which will permit a sustainable migration to digital, open up new strategies for monetization and thus promoting quality communications and feedback for audiovisual creators in the music field.


The MMAA project will eventually empower managers and artists with the most valuable insights on who and where their fans are, by means of big data analysis both from within and beyond the MMAA ecosystem, making possible a clear strategy for audience expansion, with tools to work on maintaining consumer loyalty and monetization thereof.


For further information, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required



Funded by the European Union

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