European Comission tables a €1.85bn proposal with sectoral funding for music


Jun 18


On 30 May 2018 the European Commission tabled its €1.85bn proposal for the next Creative Europe Programme (the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors) for 2021-2027.


The proposed funding covers :

    • Culture €609 mil (up from 450m): will fund cultural and creative sectors [music and others], including cooperation projects, networks, platforms in order to foster cross border collaboration between artists.
    • SMEs and organisations working in several sectors, €160 mil.
    • Media: €1.081bn (up from 820m): will fund audiovisual projects, including the distribution and promotion of European films, television programmes, video games as well as virtual reality.



IMMF and other key organisations across Europe’s cultural and creative sectors had signed  a joint letter on February 14th in support of the Commissions  “Music Moves Europe” initiative which has created an inclusive dialogue amongst music industry stakeholders about the future of Europe’s music creators and their ecosystem. An open letter was sent to EU institutions on April 9th and called on the European Union to boost funding for the creative sector in 2021-2027.


IMMF would like to thank the Creative Europe team at the Commission for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, for their energy and support in creating a cohesive vision for EU creators opportunities. Plurality and Diversity are part of the IMMF’s mission, the European Union now has an amazing opportunity to unlock economic value through increased support for plurality and diversity. We hope that MEP’s and member states share this vision.

We also thank the European independent record label organisation IMPALA for always being good music community citizens, sharing their time and knowledge with the rest of us.


Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport: “Culture has always been at the heart of the European project. It is what brings people together. The cultural and creative sectors also have a crucial role in driving economic and social development…. I call on all Member States and the European Parliament to back this approach.”


IMMF Vice-Chair Patricia Hermida speaking from PrimaveraPro Barcelona: “This is an important step in developing support for the EU’s music creators and their industry, the Commission is offering us a chance to use member states money in a targeted fashion to create a truly plural and diverse ecosystem for creators from all states. We can only unlock all the value if we all work together. Creativity might be the EU’s richest resource, and in an ever changing global economy we need to embrace the economic value of culture. We look forward to the European Parliament and Members States seizing this opportunity.

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