Great demand for IMMF panels


Jun 14


Education and international networking are core competences of the IMMF, which need to be maintained by regular sessions around the world. During the last month and a half the IMMF hosted three education and networking events in three countries. They were organized in cooperation with international music conferences, which guaranteed a maximal number of attendees. Here is a brief report:


As this year’s Canadian Music Week (CMW) presented a spotlight on Germany MMF Canada and IMUC, the German Music Managers Forum, took the chance to meet at the conference in Toronto. Both specified their plan for a one-year partnership agreement. The aim is to develop an intensive market knowledge exchange that covers issues on specific topics like distribution, media, venues and promoters, promotion agencies as well as other services. Apart from this Volker May (IMMF Vice-Chair) represented the IMMF at a CMW panel for music managers.


Luxembourg’s Sonic Visions music conference has hosted a workshop and a panel at this year’s Primavera Pro conference in Barcelona with the topic “Digital tools for artists & Music Managers in 2014 – from promotion to revenue”. During a 90-minute workshop, Matthias Brinkmann (Believe Digital) provided essential information and updates about digital technologies and strategies, which facilitated new ways of audience development. But it also examined how to strike the correct balance between marketing and earning money, how artist royalties work on a national and international level and much more. The panel that followed, moderated by MMF Luxembourg chair and IMMF Executive Director Olivier Toth and featuring panelists Natalia Talayero of MMF Spain together with Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF) and Matthias Brinkmann addressed the attendees’ and panelist’s specific needs and cases.


IMMF panel at Primavera Pro 2014 From left to right: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF), Matthias Brinkmann (Believe Digital), Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain) and Olivier Toth (MMF Luxembourg)


Most recently the IMMF hosted a meet-up for high-level music managers at New Music Seminar (NMS) in New York. NMS was the perfect place for the IMMF networking event, because it attracts innovative music professionals from across the globe to discuss the new era of music business. Thus, around 80 music managers attended to the IMMF meet-up. Brian Hetherman (IMMF Chair), Virpi Immonen (MMF Finland Chair) and Olivier Toth (IMMF Executive Director, MMF Luxembourg Chair) led the discussion and answered questions.








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