IMMF Comment on EC Directive on Copyright Sept 14


Sep 16


September 14th 2016

International Music Managers Forum “Representing Artists”

Statement on:

on copyright in the Digital Single Market



Imposing transparency and also renegotiation mechanisms on deals which artists have signed with publishers and record labels is positive. It corrects failings in the old music business model, and recognises the “weak bargaining position”* of artists. It will benefit many artists, especially older artists. We welcome this.


A connected DSM for creativity will also require support for new business models. “Modernisation… to take account of technological developments and new channels of distribution.. by reason of their scale, effects and cross-border dimension, [can] be better achieved at Union level“.** Thanks to Digital, Artist SME’s can now distribute their music across the European Union, however we are yet to see a plural and diverse range of artists succeeding across the single market. New opportunities need new models.

We had hoped for more ambitious legislative steps towards a new connected Digital Single Market. For example access to last years usage data does help audit last years royalties, but limiting the potential of data to checks on remuneration misses the opportunity of closing the data gap. Data is a real time strategic tool which would help artists in weaker positions, and unlike money, data can simultaneously benefit multiple stakeholders. Digital has transformed distribution, that’s a good start, but digital empowerment could do much more for artists.


The measure of success for a “single” market for creators is plurality and diversity. The European music market is not a level playing field. Further as total content usage grows we are not seeing a growth in financing opportunities, silos remain. Opportunities for artists from ALL member states, and greater choice for consumers is unlikely to be delivered by maintaining the old model.



Volker May
IMMF Chair
September 14th 2016



International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) is the umbrella organisation for music artists and their representatives to discuss the artist’s business. With member organisations around the world, and across the European Union the forum facilitates discussions between day-to-day practitioners offering the perspective of Artist SME’s.


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