IMMF at Midem 2014


Feb 14


As in the previous years the IMMF was present at Midem in Cannes, France. At Midem this year the IMMF once again held its General Assembly and provided a delegation of its Artist Managers in Co-operation with Midem for a Meet The Managers Networking session, as well as additional Artist Managers for Midem Panels. After the busy and well-attended Networking Session on February 1st , the IMMF held the General Assembly the next day at the Radisson Blu in Cannes, which once again showed that the IMMF is a strong voice, organization and networking entity for Artists and their Managers on international level.


The Assembly was highlighted by the IMMF elections and foundation of new Committees. The Council unanimously re-elected Brian Hetherman from Canada as the IMMF Chair and Volker May from Germany as the Vice-Chair. Olivier Toth from Luxembourg was appointed as the new Executive Director. The existing and new Committees were enlarged by new voluntary faces (Overview of Committees see below). They foster the membership involvement and are still open to new entrants. Not only representatives of MMFs, but every single MMF member can engage in the Committees. Furthermore new member benefits like a discount deal with MusicDNA were introduced.


IMMF Council at Midem 2014

The Council at the General Assembly at Midem 2014

First row: Brian Hetherman (IMMF Chair), Volker May (IMMF Vice-Chair)
Second row: Daria Wabnitz (IMMF Project Manager), Nathan Brenner (MMF Australia), Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain), Patricia Hermida (MMF Spain), Christoph Storbeck (MMF Italy)
Third row: Stephen Bond Garvan (MMF US), Olivier Toth (IMMF Executive Director), Kari Karjalainen (MMF Finland), Didier Zerath (MMF France), Toomas Olljum (MMF Estonia)
Last row: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF Policy Flow), Nuno Saraiva (MMF Portugal), Keith Harris (MMF UK)


Copyright committee

Kari Karjalainen (MMF Finland) Collin Seeger (MMF Australia) Eberhard Kromer (IMUC Germany) Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF)

European committee

Didier Zerath (MMF France) Maarten Quaghebeur (MMaF Belgium) Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain) Patricia Hermida (MMF Spain)

Live committee

Jim Lawless (MMF Ireland) Christoph Storbeck (MMF Italy) Jacco van Lanen (MMF Netherlands) Leon Retief (MMF South Africa)

Training & Education committee

Stuart Worthington (IMMF) Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain) Patricia Hermida (MMF Spain) Nathan Brenner (MMF Australia) Nuno Saraiva (MMF Portugal) Olivier Toth (MMF Luxembourg)

Marketing & Promotion committee

Christoph Storbeck (MMF Italy) Nuno Saraiva (MMF Portugal) Stephen Bond Garvan (MMF US)

Sponsorship & Fundraising committee

Nathan Brenner (MMF Australia) Daria Wabnitz (IMMF) Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain) Patricia Hermida (MMF Spain)




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